This is a disease of sebaceous gland which occurs only during a particular age period. It starts after adolescence and by the age of 25 years most patients stop having acne. Patients having acne have an associated increased secretion of the sebaceous gland leading to increased oiliness of their skin.


The normal flora of the skin produce lipases to break down the oil in the sebaceous secretion and produce large quantities of free fatty acids. These fatty acids along with other component of sebaceous secretion and the bacteria, are responsible for producing the acne lesions. The lesions appear most frequently on the cheeks but also involve the forehead, the nose, the chin and occasionally the back and upper central part of chest. The lesions keep healing and recurring and leave behind scars. Acne is made worse if the patient applies oil or other greasy application to the face or hair.




The patient is advised to wash the face with soap and shampoo the hair as frequently as possible and avoid greasy cosmetics and hair oils. Along with this proper homoeopathic treatment must be taken. Acne patients need not observe any dietary precautions because sebaceous gland is a secretary gland and blood levels of the lipids or their dietary intake has no effect on the secretion of the lipids by the sebaceous glands. The patient should be informed that the tendency to develop acne is likely to continue for a few years and thus it is preferable to have a preventive treatment and continue the same till the tendency to develop acne disappears completely.

Some Acne Treated by Roshan Homeo Clinic

Case 1

Case 1